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Weibull LAB mimosa extract

Технические характеристики

Weibull LAB is a modified herbal extract for the use as a main tanning agent. Its good penetration gives great fullness to leather. Weibull LAB is suitable for all types of leather and is soluble in water. 

If used for vachetta leather and leather for belts, Weibull LAB dyes the leather reddish yellow, provides good fiber density and has a high yield factor. If used in retanning, Weibull LAB provides full and firm leather.

Physical properties

Hygroscopic light-brown powder

Ionic character


Active ingredient


Humidity while storing (%) 6.5 - maximum
Red color 2.0-2.5

Yellow color

Electrolytes stability good
рН 4,0-5,0
Рекомендуемое применение

Weibull LAB can be used either as a single tanning agent or in combination with other vegetable tanning agents, synthetic or auxiliary extracts / products.

Рекомендации по применению

It is recommended to use as follows:

In tanning

20-30%: vegetable-tanned vachetta;

35-40 %: tanning of leather for belts.

In retanning

5-15%: retanning of chrome leather.